K4 Cattle Company Hereford Texas

K 4 Cattle Company was established in 1995. However, the dream of our current operation started many years earlier when my dad took a group of purebred Hereford cows as payment for pasture rent. That would have been somewhere around 1965. Growing up on a farm and helping with the small cow calf operation became a true love for me. Along with the cattle also came horses. Somewhere around 1968 my dad was given a black mare for penning a group of horses that had been out and missing for several days. I grew up riding that mare bareback all around our part of the country, igniting a love for horses just the same.

After graduating, moving to the city, and getting married, I began to miss the cattle operation. In 1992 my dad became tired of the constant care it was taking to manage a group of  black and black baldy cows, Angus Hereford cross. 

After extensive research, my dad and I decided to sell all existing cows and partner on a group of Saler cattle. The best decision we ever made.  Neither of us had the time to look after calving cows continually, and the Salers cows were just the answer.   We have a select group of show steers available each year.

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If you would like to add pounds to your weanlings, milk, and calving ease to your replacements, and vigor to all your babies, check out these young men.!! They will be performing at the Tucumcari bull test in Tucumcari, New Mexico starting Oct. 15, 2019. The sale will be held on March 14, 2020. Some of the best Salers genetics the breed offers. 

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